Hair Color Formula Overview

Explore the possibilities and minimize the risks of creating beautiful hair with color. We are taking the guesswork out of hair color for you with the personalized hair color formula. Hair Color is one of the most important parts about your signature hairstyle which brings it all together. No matter the signature hair color and hairstyle you choose, ask yourself just one thing: are you happy to see yourself in your new look? If you are, then you have chosen the perfect look that you can pull off easily and happily. Then again, you get to live only once so go crazy and follow your heart to create a unique signature look that says ‘You’. There are 7- key steps that you need to remember before creating great hair color.

7 Checkpoint for Great Hair Color!
1. Texture
2. Type
3. Condition
4. Skin Tone
5. Natural Hair Color
6. Desired Hair
7. Professional Color Services

Understanding your hair texture, type and condition is the base for mapping out your personalized healthy hair color formula. Your porosity is a crucial aspect of color absorption, changes and longevity. Skin tone considerations are all about cool, warm and neutral selections that blend, compliment or contrast. Your natural hair color is the starting point for creating your personalized color formula. Once you choose your desired new color, our recommendation process will guide you to get there the healthiest route possible. We highly recommend all color services are done by a professional. If you have not had your Myavana Hair Analysis, now is a good time. Knowing your current state of hair health is key for great color.

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