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Every hair journey is unique, and not always easy.

That’s why you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

With our 1-on-1 consultations, tutorials, and online community, you never have to go through this journey without the help of a friend.

What Do You Get?

Whether you are trying to get healthier hair, transitioning from relaxed to natural, or eager to try a new style – we’ve been there and we have it covered!

Hair Analysis

We send you an easy to use hair collection kit, then we scientifically analyze your hair and determine its key characteristics, including ability to retain moisture, strength, and which ingredients your hair needs to be healthy.

1-on-1 Virtual Hair Consultation

Once analyzed, we produce a comprehensive hair report which you can access anytime, online – your personal hair profile. One of our hair care experts will explain your hair results and help answer any hair questions you might have.

Recommended Products For Your Hair

Based on your specific hair needs, we will recommend which products and ingredients work best for your hair. We’ll even send you samples to try, or if you prefer, send you full size orders of your recommended products every 3 months.

Recommended Styles For Your Hair

Based on your hair profile, we recommend hair styles that best work with your hair and even give you the ability to purchase the products with a how-to-guide to do it yourself, or book a salon appointment with a local recommended hair stylist.

Salon/Stylist Connections

If you prefer professional styling, we’ll connect you with stylists and salons in your area that have mastered your desired style.

Our Vision

To provide personalized hair care capabilities for every female consumer around the world. Myavana, created by Techturized Inc., will be the catalyst of breakthrough for millions of women around the world by introducing unprecedented, innovative technology to an outdated industry, while reinventing the standard of beauty.

Our Team

We are a team of computer scientists, chemical engineers, cosmetologists, content creators, business analysts, and hair enthusiasts working together to recommend the best products, services, and hairstyles for your hair texture, type, and condition — because your hair is as unique as a fingerprint.

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