When I was pregnant I had the best hair! I didn’t experience major growth like some pregnant women, but I did have very shiny and manageable hair.  It was a dream come true!  For the first time ever, I could wear my naturally curly hair straight without fear of a major frizz attack. My soft pin curls would last all day, and my hair bounced with every move.  I had reached hair nirvana!  Immediately after childbirth, my hair nirvana came to a screeching halt! Long gone were the days of frizz free flowing hair.  In fact, wearing my hair straightened became a nightmare to manage, as I would be dripping wet from major hot flashes that occurred throughout the day. Managing a newborn baby and my hair became too much of a hassle.

I decided to get hair extensions to help save a little time and to give my natural hair a break.  Eight weeks into wearing the extensions, my edges fell out completely.  Terrified that the rest of my hair was falling out, I removed the extensions to discover massive shedding throughout my entire head.  I was mortified and immediately scheduled an appointment with my hair stylist.  Upon arrival, my stylist began to ask me what had I been doing with my hair since I last saw her. (It had been at least two months since I last had my hair professionally styled, and was very hard to schedule in hair appointment visits between breastfeeding and caring for a newborn!) I didn’t have an answer to her question.  I didn’t know what I had been doing differently, and I had forgotten what products I used. We ended up going with a trim and deep conditioning steam treatment to help get my hair back on track.

I began to do bi weekly deep conditioning treatments and low maintenance styling as was prescribed to me by my stylist. Two months later, I experienced another round of major shedding. “How could this be happening to me again!”? I thought.  I was doing everything right!  I looked up everything I could about pregnancy and hair loss.  I found out 4 important things:

  1. I shouldn’t have gotten hair extensions until after six months postpartum
  2. I need to keep taking my prenatal vitamins to ensure that I was getting enough nutrients while breastfeeding
  3. I needed to increase my calorie intake and eat more protein to account for loss of nutrients while nursing my little one
  4. I must drink at minimum ten to twelve glasses a water a day

I wish I had known this information before, because it explained why I had a second round of major shedding and why my hair was excessively dry! I made the following changes, and I instantly started seeing results.

As women, we go through so many life changes, and each change can drastically affect our hair.  What worked in the last year, or even a month ago, may not work now. Tracking your hair journey and establishing good regimens are an important part of maintaining your hair.  Want to learn how we can help you discover your best hair after pregnancy?  Start your Journey to Hair Nirvana today!