What a curl boss means to us, is someone who is passionate, motivated, confident, and a go getter with every curl they own! What makes you a curl boss is really up to you. Everybody’s journey and story is different and that’s what makes you uniquely you!

We attended the Naturally Pretty: Curl Boss event last week hosted by Mae and Mimi socially known as @TheNaturalChica and @MimiJOnline and it was absolutely amazing! We got to hear the inspirational stories of each one of the panelists which included CEO’s of Camille Rose Naturals, Tropics Le Living, Koils By Nature, EDEN BodyWorks, and our very own CEO’s Candace & Chanel of Myavana Hair. They all spoke about how they started their businesses, what dedication it took, and how they have made it successful and continuously grow.

The room was filled with Curl Bosses from all around who shared with us what makes them a Curl Boss! It doesn’t matter what you look like, talk like, dress like, or your occupation, a Curl Boss is defined by you!

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