How It Works

What is Myavana?

 Getting the hair that you love is a journey…. a journey we’ve experienced ourselves. We’ve blended technology, hair expertise, and community that will take the guesswork out of having healthy, stylish hair.

We Analyze

You’ll send a sample of your hair strands and we’ll analyze it in our lab. You’ll get a unique profile specific to your hair and a 1-on-1 consultation with a hair expert to get you started.

You Discover

Our Myavana community and exclusive tutorials are available to you, while hair products that are scientifically proven to work for your hair will be shipped straight to your door.

You Get Styled

We’ll recommend hairstyles and nearby salons that work well with your hair. You can order specific products for your favorite styles in our Shop My Style database.

The Myavana Journey

We offer memberships to partner with you on your hair care journey. We focus first on your hair’s health, then offer styling support and make sure you have the products, guidance, and local salons to maintain your styles. Finally, you’ll be a part of the Myavana hair journey community to support and bond every step of the way.

Hair Analysis
Hair Consultations
Product Recommendations
Styling Recommendations
Stylist Recommendation

What Our Ladies Are Saying

“Before, I was trying too many products and nothing was working! It’s made my life so much easier. I have a joyful experience with my hair now because I’m much more knowledgeable. It’s my self-esteem booster and makes everything more time-efficient. It was way beyond everything I expected.”

– Monica Wilson, Myavana Customer




Every hair journey is unique, and not always easy.

That’s why you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

With our 1-on-1 consultations, tutorials, and online community, you never have to go through this journey without the help of a friend.

Subscription Benefits

Hair Analysis Completed Once Per Year
1-on-1 Virtual Consultation With Hair Professional
Customized Hair Care Plan Twice Per Year
Salon Booking Portal With Trusted Stylists
Products Delivered Based on Hair Compatibility
Exclusive Content, Regimens, and Styling Suggestions