Have you ever woke up rushing to get your day started and didn’t know what to do with your hair? Or have you ever wanted to create a nice simple hair style that works in any occasion? Well, let’s talk about the power of the puff! Wearing a afro puff or curly puff regardless if it’s big or small can take your hair to the next level!

Here are 3 quick & easy ways to achieve a puff that you can wear out with your girls, in the work place, or even a glamorous red carpet event!

-Damp your hair and apply moisturizer.
-Use wide tooth comb and soft bristled brush to direct hair upward to the top of the head.
-Place the large ouch-less headband around your neck.
-Apply edge control, gel, or pomade around the edges and nape and smooth with the brush.
-Pull headband up to forehead and using both hands slide the headband upward until desired puff size is reached. The farther back you slide the band the smaller the puff will be.
-Fluff out puff, smooth edges and add hair accessories if desired.

– Complete all steps above for Puff Up besides the last step.
-Instead of pulling the headband straight back pull one side of the band over to the side.
(Ex: If you want the hair to fall to the right pull the left side of the band over to the right.)
– Continue last step for Puff Up. Fluff hair to cover the band.

-Part hair from ear to ear and create a short side part on whichever side you prefer.
-Create a braid or flat twist on each side of the part to frame the face. (Using a holding product is optional)
-Use bobby pins to secure the ends of each braid at the back of the head
-Fluff out remaining hair.

*Optional* For each style you may tie a satin scarf around the perimeter of the hair for a few minutes to further tame edges and nape.

So make sure however you decide to rock your puff remember that their is power in your puff. Your puff exudes confidence, grace, and beauty! Own it and embrace it! If you want to know how this works with your texture of hair be sure to join the Myavana experience! 🙂