1. Too Much Focus On Ends

This is great, keeping your ends detangled is super important for curly hair growth, but keeping your ROOTS in check is even more important for getting super long strands. Your hair grows from your roots (duh), so keeping your scalp hydrated and happy is crucial.

2. Braids, Twists, and Weaves

Having tight braids, twists, or a weave is a great way to delve into the world of some serious hair damage. The roots do not like to be pulled and the hair line is a vulnerable place compared to the rest of your scalp. If you DIY your braids and twists, keep them nice and loose. My motto is if I can feel them, then they’re too tight. If your stylist is heavy-handed, tell her to chill.

3. Wraps & Do-Rags

Covering your hair completely is the best way to keep breakage at bay, you don’t want anything sitting on your hair line because it can chafe the fragile area. Never tie them too tight — this doesn’t mean you can’t tie a tight knot on top of your hair, it means the first knot you make that holds the scarf in place should be slightly loose.

4. Hats

If you are wearing a hat, you should definitely put something between your precious locks and the hat that is going to keep moisture in and not be an additional cause of breakage.

5. Facial Cleansers

Try to wear a shower cap or a satin bonnet while your washing your face if you can’t escape getting your face cleanser in your mane.

6. Parting your Hair

Alternate your parts on each side, trying not to choose the exact spot you did your last part. This will help lower the repetitive friction of the comb on the same part of your hair on a daily basis, which can lead to breakage close to the root of your scalp.

7. The Poof

This is a go-to for lots of long-haired folks out there of all hair types. Weather got your hair looking all types of wrong? Throw it up in a cute bun instead of frantically combing into a style that can lead to unwanted shedding.